An #Illinoisbudget for schools

Tell our leaders we need a lasting solution.

Join educators across Illinois to call for a long-term budget that ensures funding for all.

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Level the playing field

Tell the U.S. Department of Education to supplement, not supplant federal education dollars

Through the Every Student Succeeds Act, we can advance educational equity—if we act now.

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Ending Racial Discipline Disparities

An Educator’s Guide to School-based Change

Check out the E4E-Minnesota Teacher Action Team guide on how to pursue more productive discipline policies and programs in your school.

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Climate Change

Creating safe, supportive schools for all students in New York

See what policies E4E-New York teachers are recommending to encourage positive school culture.

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    About Us

    Educators 4 Excellence (E4E), a teacher-led organization, works to ensure that the voices of classroom teachers are included in the creation of policies that shape our classrooms and careers.

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    Teacher Policy Teams

    Through E4E Teacher Policy Teams, teachers have a unique opportunity to write and advocate on an issue affecting the teaching profession and student outcomes in their district.

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    Recent News

    Op-Ed: State leaders quietly dismiss tenure issue

    August 25, 2016 – E4E-Los Angeles Local Advisory Board Member and current educator Andrew Blumenfeld reacts to news about the Vergara lawsuit and issues a call to action for California state legislators to engage in tough conversations about teacher tenure (Los Angeles Times). »

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