Our Mission

Educators 4 Excellence works to ensure that the voices of classroom teachers are included in the decisions that affect our profession and our students.

Our Vision

E4E envisions an elevated, prestigious teaching profession in which educators are leaders both in and outside of their classrooms to drive positive outcomes for students.

Our Core Values

We are a community of leaders united in our commitment to students and teachers, drawing upon our personal experiences with and connection to educational inequity. All of our work, actions, decisions and goals are driven by the belief that every child deserves an excellent education and, in order to achieve this, we must elevate the quality and prestige of the teaching profession.

Even though our work is urgent, we believe that how we work towards our goals as an organization is just as critical as what we are working to accomplish. Thus, the core values set forth below guide how we work internally and externally to fulfill our mission in partnership with teachers and on behalf of students.

Dynamic Leadership

We courageously take ownership, empower others, set bold vision, think strategically and adapt to change.

Growth Mindset

We intentionally create opportunities to develop ourselves and others in order to learn and continuously improve.


We consistently approach even the most complex challenges with positivity, proactive solutions and the assumption of best intentions.

Respect and Professionalism

We always act with personal responsibility, respect, and commitment to high quality work, to our organization and to each other, especially in moments of tension.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Educational inequity is linked to race, power and privilege, and so we take action to shift this paradigm by reflecting on our own identities, creating an inclusive and diverse community, and leveraging our differences as strengths.


Learn How We Started

By teachers, for teachers

E4E began as a small group of teachers who wanted to change the top-down approach to education policymaking.
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Meet Us

Professionals passionate about students

We are motivated and informed by our experiences inside and outside of the classroom.
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See What We Do

Learn, network, take action

We use our teaching experience to understand the needs of students and to contribute new ideas to the education conversation.
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