A Movement From The Classroom

A note from E4E Co-Founders Evan Stone and Sydney Morris

Educators 4 Excellence began as a group of New York teachers who wanted to change the top-down approach to policy-making, which largely alienated teachers like us from crucial decisions that shaped our classrooms and careers.

So, we started organizing with other like-minded and equally frustrated teachers. We were from diverse schools and backgrounds, yet we were united by a common set of beliefs to strengthen the power and role of teachers in school policy. Word began spreading, and before long, thousands of teachers had signed our Declaration and began collaborating to lift student achievement and the teaching profession.

We have grown into a national movement of teachers leading the charge to change our education system. Today, E4E teachers are all over the country learning about education policy, connecting with like-minded colleagues, and taking action to ensure that our classroom experience informs the decisions that impact our profession and our students.

Meet us and see what we do.

All our best,

Evan Stone

Sydney Morris


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