Recommendations from the classroom for effectively implementing the Common Core

In "A Path Forward: Recommendations from the classroom for effectively implementing the Common Core," the E4E-New York Teacher Action Team on the Common Core State Standards offers 12 recommendations to help policymakers give educators the support and tools they need to effectively implement the standards in New York. The recommendations, written by current classroom teachers and E4E-New York members, cover the areas of:

  • Communication, support and resources
  • Teacher evaluation
  • Testing and assessment


Highlights from the recommendations include:

  • An independent state audit of curricula, to make sure all districts are truly aligned with the new standards. Currently, many teachers feel their districts have done little beyond label their old curriculum as “Common-Core aligned,” without substantive changes.
  • Improved communication with parents, to make sure that they understand the true value of Common Core and the need for implementation. A partnership between the state and school districts is necessary to create and disseminate parent-friendly explanatory material as soon as possible.
  • An expedited review of each district’s testing plans to eliminate any excessive or duplicative assessments.
  • A rethinking of promotion and enrollment policies so that high-stakes decisions for students are made using multiple measures and not a single test score.

Download or read a copy of the report below.

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