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Sample messages for Facebook and Twitter

Twitter sample messages

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Today, I’m sharing why I support #CommonCore, use #SupportTheCore to share your story, I’ll RT as many as I can.

As a teacher, I #SupportTheCore because _______

Through #CommonCore, my students have ________ (ex. grown in their critical thinking skills, gotten ready for college and career, etc.) #SupportTheCore

#CommonCore makes a difference in my classroom by ______ (ex. raising the bar, encouraging critical thinking, helping my students focus on skills they need most)

#CommonCore is not a curriculum, but sets the bar for my students to think critically & deeply. #SupportTheCore

I #SupportTheCore because it gives a clear, high bar that’s a first step in helping students succeed. @Ed4Excellence


Facebook sample messages

As a teacher, I #SupportTheCore because _______

Today, I’m sharing why I support the Common Core.  Through the standards, my students have ________ (ex. grown in their critical thinking skills, gotten ready for college and career, etc.) Use #SupportTheCore to share your story today.

Today, I’m using #SupportTheCore to share why I support the Common Core. Check out to learn more and see why.


Top 3 sharable pages on Common Core

Regardless of how involved you choose to be, we encourage all E4E members, team members and partner organizations to share the following resources:

  1. “A Path Forward”: In "A Path Forward: Recommendations from the classroom for effectively implementing the Common Core," the E4E-New York Teacher Action Team on the Common Core State Standards offers 12 recommendations to help policymakers give educators the support and tools they need to effectively implement the standards in New York. Many of their recommendations can easily be cross-applied to other states and districts.
  2. E4E Common Core page: Our Common Core resource hub is a one-stop shop for teachers, policymakers, and education supporters alike to learn about the standards and how they were created, get an overview of key terms used in the conversation about the standards, and access resources.
  3. Rumor or Reality: Take this quick quiz, which is part of the E4E Common Core hub, to see which often-repeated lines about the Common Core are fact or fiction.


Top 4 E4E blog posts to share on Common Core

Blog posts:

  1. “Standing on Common Ground”: E4E-New York teacher Vivett Hemans explains why she hopes that teachers, parents and students will embrace the Common Core State Standards for the good they inherently possess.

  2. A teacher’s reaction to the Common Core: Charlotte Steel, an E4E-New York teacher, offers ideas for professional development to match the opportunities presented by the new standards.

  3. 'I've seen students take responsibility for their own learning' with Common Core, says E4E-NY teacher Darby Masland: At a New York Common Core town hall attended by New York State Education Commissioner John King in Brooklyn, an E4E-New York teacher tells how one student personalized her learning experience through the new standards.

  4. Why Common Core can't wait: Two E4E-New York teachers argue that instead of delaying implementation of the Common Core, policymakers should be working to improve it by supporting educators, parents, and students.

Top 5 sharable E4E videos on Common Core

The E4E Common Core Videos page features over a dozen videos of teachers sharing why they support the standards. Highlights include:

  1. Laurie Walters: First grade teacher and E4E-Los Angeles member Laurie Walters shares how the standards are giving teachers and students a consistent theme upon which to build lessons and knowledge.
  2. Leona Fowler: An E4E-New York teacher discusses Common Core's benefit for special needs students.
  3. Instead of 120 math standards, 43 that are more meaningful: Middle school math teacher and E4E-New York member Mike Loeb shares the benefits of the Common Core, while also emphasizing the need for more support.
  4. Marsha Wedderburn: E4E-New York elementary school teacher Marsha Wedderburn tells a story of one student who is progressing at a deeper level than before thanks in part to Common Core reading standards.
  5. Blackfoot U-Ahk: An E4E-New York fourth/fifth grade teacher shares how he saw the standards enable students of different abilities to critically think about a grade-level text.

Extra resources for Twitter and Facebook experts


Sharable links and quotations for either Facebook or Twitter:

Why #SupportTheCore? Check out one of these videos from @Ed4Excellence teachers:

.@rweingarten, 5/9/14: If implemented correctly, CCSS “can help level the playing field” #SupportTheCore

10 things you should know about #CommonCore from @NEAtoday #SupportTheCore

VIDEO: #teachervoice on Common Core shares how the standards helped unify a school

Getting the most out of Facebook:

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  • Since Facebook is more geared toward featuring photos and links, upload a picture from your classroom or school.
  • When you write a Facebook post, start typing @Educators… and, as long as you have already liked Educators 4 Excellence on Facebook, it should allow you to tag the E4E page in your post.
  • You can also use #hashtags on Facebook now, just like on Twitter.




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