Layoff Policy

If layoffs are unavoidable, these tough decisions need to be made in a way that keeps all great teachers in the classroom.

From E4E

Keeping Our Best Teachers: An Alternative to Seniority-Based Layoffs

February 2011

In Keeping Our Best Teachers: An Alternative to Seniority-Based Layoffs, our teacher policy team recommends that layoffs – instead of following “Last In, First Out” policies – be based upon additional factors that correlate more closely with student achievement, including chronic absenteeism, unsatisfactory ratings, and teachers without permanent placements for over six months.


Additional Resources

The Case Against Quality-Blind Teacher Layoffs: Why Layoff Policies That Ignore Teacher Quality Need to End Now

February 2011

This brief from The New Teacher Project summarizes recent research on quality-blind layoffs and makes a case for layoff decisions based on teacher effectiveness.


Teacher Layoffs: Rethinking “Last Hired, First Fired” Policies

February 2010

The National Council on Teacher Quality found that, on the whole, teachers with at least three years experience are as effective as long tenured teachers. NCTQ contends that student needs should trump seniority alone when making personnel decisions.



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