Principal Evaluations

As teachers, we know we are better able to help our students when we have support from our administrators, and when they can grow from evaluations that look at multiple measures.

From E4E

Principals Matter: Principal Evaluations from a Teacher's Perspective

March 2012

Our principal evaluations policy team offers a comprehensive set of recommendations - including improving school surveys and including teacher retention data - to elevate New York's principal evaluations system.

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Additional Resources

Playmakers: How Great Principals Build and Lead Great Teams of Teachers

November 2012

New Leaders finds that great principals worked to develop teachers, manage talent, and create great places to work.

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Fair to Everyone: Building the Balanced Teacher Evaluations That Students and Teachers Deserve

September 2011

New Leaders for New Schools provides broad recommendations for improving principal evaluation systems, focusing on using student outcomes and teacher effectiveness - as well as the leadership actions driving these - as key indicators.

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