Teacher Tenure

As professionals, we believe that tenure should be a significant professional milestone, earned through transparent and consistent processes.

Additional Resources

Trending Toward Reform: Teachers Speak on Unions and the Future of the Profession

July 2012

Education Sector looks at teacher attitudes on reforms affecting evaluation, pay, and tenure, and the role of unions in affecting these reforms.


Using Performance on the Job to Inform Teacher Tenure Decisions

May 2010

Dan Goldhaber (University of Washington) and Michael Hansen (The Urban Institute) explore the possibility of using value-added measurements as the primary criteria for rewarding teachers with tenure.  


Ringing the Bell for K-12 Teacher Tenure Reform

February 2010

This Center for American Progress report provides an overview of state teacher tenure reform in the United States as well as case studies of reform. It reveals that very little variation in tenure policies exists; states have done remarkably little experimentation in this area.



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