Friedrichs v. CA Teachers Association

Why we stand with our teachers unions

Learn more about why this case matters, and how you can get involved.

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2015 Saint Paul School Board Election Hub

2015 Saint Paul School Board Election Hub School board elections help determine the future of our district. Make an informed vote to help shape your classroom and your career.

Meet the Candidates

From the Classroom to Congress

From the Classroom to Congress

Sign the letter to Mayor de Blasio

Show that improving school climate matters to you.

Help create safe, supportive schools for all students.

Sign the Letter!

Climate Change

Creating safe, supportive schools for all students in New York

See what policies E4E-New York teachers are recommending to encourage positive school culture.

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Investing in our Future

Honoring Teachers’ Voices in Professional Development

Check out E4E-Chicago teachers' ideas to elevate professional development in Chicago.

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Success for All

Ensuring academic outcomes for unique student populations in Hartford Public Schools

Check out the new recommendations from an E4E-Connecticut Teacher Policy Team to better serve diverse learners.

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One School of Thought

Moving Toward the Common Core

See teachers' ideas to improve our transition to higher standards in Los Angeles schools.

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May is Teacher Appreciation Month

A week isn't enough to celebrate all that teachers do. Visit our #ThankATeacher page to read inspirational stories, nominate your school for a celebration, and more!

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True Grit

The Game-Changing Factors and People Lifting School Performance in Los Angeles

See how schools across LA are leveraging four unique factors to elevate student performance.

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LA True Grit

The Game-Changing Factors and People Lifting School Performance in Los Angeles

See how schools across LA are leveraging four unique factors to elevate student performance.

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In My Professional Opinion

Appreciating teachers' impact inside and outside of classrooms - check out profiles of teachers across the country doing this.

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Fill out an appreciation card now

Take a minute to share a note of thanks to a teacher you know using our online appreciation card.

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Nominate your school for a teacher appreciation event

This month, we're bringing celebratory breakfasts, lunches and more to schools - nominate your school today.

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NY teacher evaluation

An alternative plan

E4E-New York teachers propose a plan to make evaluations more meaningful for teachers and the students they serve

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Closing Gaps

Diversifying Minnesota's Teacher Workforce

In a new paper, E4E-Minnesota teachers recommend ways to address the diversity gap between students and educators.

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Tell Minnesota's legislature

why fair funding and teacher diversity are key

Read and sign the new petition from E4E-Minnesota teachers

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How to keep it, but make it meaningful

Amidst a national tenure debate, E4E teachers issued recommendations to improve tenure in California and New York. Check out their ideas.

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Making ESEA Stronger

Recommendations for ESEA reauthorization

As Congress debates the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, see what priorities E4E teachers are calling for.

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E4E-Minnesota 2015 Annual Summit

Voices for Equity and Teacher Diversity

Join fellow educators to build your skills as an advocate and apply them toward improving Minnesota’s teacher diversity.

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2015 State of the Classroom

A look at education priorities for New York

E4E-New York teachers highlight what's working and what can be improved in New York’s schools.

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Racial inequity

An everyday issue for educators across the country

Read 6 inspiring letters from E4E members that reveal how racial inequity impacts their classrooms, and what changes we need to make for our students.

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None of the Above

A new approach to testing and assessment

The E4E-New York Teacher Policy Team on Testing and Assessment recommends ways to improve how tests are used.

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Quality Compensation in Minnesota

Maximizing Q Comp’s potential to improve student outcomes

Read the new E4E-Minnesota Teacher Policy Team paper on effectively supporting and recognizing educators.

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Our School Board, Our Voice

A voter guide for the 2014 Minneapolis school board election

Make an informed vote by reading the E4E-Minnesota candidate survey.

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Our Professional Perspective

Strategies to improve professional development in Bridgeport, Conn.

Learn about the launch of E4E-Connecticut and a call to invest in educators' professional growth.

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Paying It Forward in LA

Investing in school climate and differentiated compensation

See why E4E-Los Angeles Teacher Policy Teams are calling on these critical investments for the future of our schools.

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Commemorating Brown v. Board

E4E teachers highlight how to continue case's legacy

Check out E4E teachers' blog posts in Education Week about necessary steps to increase equity in our schools.

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2014 MFT Election Hub

Visit the first-ever independent MFT59 presidential election voter guide

Download the voter guide and stay up-to-date about the election.

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Teacher Appreciation Month

A week is not enough to celebrate educators

This May, check out ways to recognize the great work that teachers at your schools and schools across the country are doing.

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NYC Teachers Contract

Check out the gradebook

E4E-NY teachers evaluate the contract on its potential to elevate student learning and the teaching profession.

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Absent Teacher Reserve

An E4E-New York Teacher Policy Team Issue Brief

Check out how E4E-New York members are calling for a balanced approach to the city's Absent Teacher Reserve.

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2014 UTLA Election Hub

Visit the first-ever independent UTLA presidential election voter guide

Listen to candidate responses, download the voter guide, and read the latest news about the election.

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UTLA 2014 Example Slide 2

This is an example sentence that needs to be a bit longer.

This is why people use latin text. It just looks silly when its in english and meaningless.

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A Path Forward

Recommendations from the classroom for effectively implementing the Common Core

E4E-New York teachers offer 12 recommendations for giving educators the supports and resources needed to successfully help their students meet the higher bar of the new standards.

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True Grit

The Game-Changing Factors and People Lifting School Performance in Los Angeles

Read the latest report from E4E-LA, which offers tools for educators and policymakers to strengthen and leverage culture, data, collaboration, systems and partnerships to improve student performance.

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E4E-MN launches

Minnesota teacher named as executive director

E4E-Minnesota seeks to elevate teaching profession and advocate for improved education policies locally and nationwide; former Minnesota teacher Madaline Edison is named as founding executive director.

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See an exclusive interview

E4E and EdVoice interview LAUSD School Board District 6 candidates

Antonio Sanchez and Monica Ratliff answer questions about how their approaches would shape the future of Los Angeles Unified School District.

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E4E teacher gives TED Talk

Pearl Arredondo shares about founding first pilot school in LA

An E4E-Los Angeles member, spoke as part of TED's first-ever television special.

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A week is not enough

E4E appreciates teachers

See the inspiring notes, and download a card.

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Watch E4E's first-ever TV ad

"A meaningful evaluation system will tell me what’s working and help me be better for my students...”

See teachers share how a real and meaningful evaluation system will help them.

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Working for change

See how Teacher Policy Teams are bringing ideas forward

Generated from research and grounded in classroom experiences, LA and NY teachers are sharing ideas on how to elevate the teaching profession and student outcomes.

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See the game-changer

Learn more about new NYC teacher evaluations

See how the current system reflects E4E teachers' recommendations, and take action.

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Push for an #NYCeval deal

Learn more about evaluation in NY

Video: Watch E4E teachers explain why it's critical we reach an evaluation deal in New York City.

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Tell Gov. Brown to stop AB 5

Stop California from stepping backwards

Let the governor know we want to be evaluated, supported, and acknowledged based on our contribution to our students' growth and learning.

E-mail Gov. Brown

Call Our Leaders

and tell the DOE and UFT to reach a deal on evaluations.

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Apply for an LA Teacher Policy Team

Push for change from your classroom

This year, our teams will focus on researching, writing on, and advocating for changes in teacher retention and career pathways, thanks to your survey and teacher focus group results.

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Read "A New Way to Pay"

Reimagining Teacher Compensation

In a new paper, E4E-NY's Pay Structure Policy Team answers the question: how should teachers get paid in the 21st century?

Read the Paper

Read "Principals Matter"

Principal Evaluations from a Teacher Perspective

Our Principal Evaluations Policy Team offers a comprehensive set of recommendations to elevate New York City's principal evaluation system.

Read the Paper

Read the latest news

Learn about what's happening in schools and

Our Principal Evaluations Policy Team offers a comprehensive set of recommendations to elevate New York City's principal evaluation system.

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Los Angeles: Sign Our Petition

Urge Sacramento to Close the Access and Achievement Gap

Sign the petition telling our leaders in Sacramento to raise revenue to close the access and achievement gap in California.

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Become a Member

Sign the Declaration

Join the movement by signing the Declaration of Teachers' Principles and Beliefs.

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Stay Informed

Know The Facts

Read up on current educational practices and policies. How do they affect you and your students in your everyday classroom? E4E provides sound research and relevant news to the teaching community in order to enhance the quality of the education debate.

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Join Us At Events

Share Your Voice

Connect with like-minded colleagues and important policymakers at informative panel discussions, speaker series, and networking events.

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Take Action

Make An Impact

Join your colleagues in advocating for changes that elevate the prestige of our profession and improve outcomes for kids.

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    Teachers deserve feedback and support

    Without a deal, we've lost nearly $250 million in state funding for New York City schools and the chance to improve our practice and help our students.

    Watch teachers speak out, and check out recent press coverage:


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